Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Corporate Photography

Posted on Sep 16th 2014

What is corporate photography?

Corporate photography can also be known as commercial photography and refers to any imagery used in your business. For example, staff images on websites and business cards, shots of your premises used on your website, padding images used in internal and external communications and any photography which isn’t being used in a specific advertising campaign.

Many believe corporate photography and advertising photography are the same thing but there are subtle differences which influence how they are each used and to what end.

Corporate photography is used in your business to create your brands personality, and contributes to establishing and conveying your brand attributes and demonstrates to your target audience who your business is.

Put simply, your corporate photography is any image used by your business to show who you are and what you do, that is not advertising photography.

This post looks at corporate photography specifically and why all business owners and head marketers should include it in their marketing plan.

Why is corporate photography important?

Corporate photography most significantly differs from advertising photography in that it is used to convey the business as a whole and not just the marketing messages of the products or services of the business.

Each business, (and brand) is like a person with its own style, personality, tone of voice, attributes and values. In short, no two businesses are the same and one of the best ways to convey this is through imagery – enter corporate photography.

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Your style and brand personality

Corporate photography can portray the style and personality of your business and create a brand image in your target audiences mind. Your businesses style and personality can be anything you want it to be;

  • simple,
  • efficient,
  • trustworthy,
  • innovative,
  • futuristic,
  • expert or any other adjective which describes your business personality in a nutshell.

The difficulty for C-suites and marketers is conveying this to prospects. This is where corporate photography can really pay dividends as it reinforces the marketing messages used in marketing campaigns.

On any day of the week, big brands such as Nike, Microsoft and BMW are using imagery to convey their personality but not in marketing campaigns – they are using strong corporate photography in their showrooms or shops, on the side of their buildings and on their websites.

To create a successful brand personality, it is essential that it is memorable and trustworthy so it will resonate with your target audience. The psychology behind photography shows that images can be really powerful and often evoke specific memories. By using your corporate photography to strike a chord with your stakeholders, you will create an association with your brand and its personality.

A great example of corporate photography being used to convey personality is Boots (the Chemist) who have created a brand personality based on trust, expertise and heritage as they continue to use images across their brand to emphasise these personality traits. 

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Brand attributes and values

The attributes of your brand are as important to your marketing as your brand personality. The attributes of your brand can include;

  • the staff that work there,
  • the brands approach to customer service,
  • the added value of your products,
  • your environmental ethos,
  • the culture of the businesses and so on.

But in the same way as brand personality, brand attributes are hard to demonstrate. This is why you need to consider how and why you use corporate photography in the future.

If we look at the Boots example again, it is clear their philosophy of providing high-quality goods at competitive prices (through buying in bulk and passing on the savings), is still a big part of the brands ethos as demonstrated in their corporate photography - in addition to their advertising imagery.

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Physical environment

We have talked quite a lot about using corporate photography hand in hand with advertising photography to help with the creation and reinforcement of different elements of your brand, but there is so much more to corporate photography than that.

How many times do you have different stakeholders visit your office or work environment? Whether it is for; potential client pitches, customer reviews, director meetings, training or supplier meetings, your physical environment is an important part of your business and can be used to inspire and motivate staff as well as visitors.

We have seen corporate photography used very effectively in office blocks, workshops, reception areas and even factories to reinforce the company culture and ethos. It also gives the area some life, colour and provides a talking point. We have found that companies who change their internal corporate photography ever six months, have a far higher engagement rate from their staff.

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We hope we have given you some additional things to consider next time you are planning your businesses photography needs – think beyond your advertising campaign and remember your brand. You could get so much more ROI from your corporate photography with a little planning.

For more ideas on how you could use photography to bring your brand to life, please get in touch. Why not check out some examples of our corporate photography we have done for other clients including Boots and Accenture. 

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