7 Photography Tips to Make Your Event Live Forever!

Posted on Nov 25th 2014

Regardless of the event you are running you want it to be a success, right? Of course, and this is why we have come up with a few ways you can ensure your event lives forever. Your event photography should keep the event fresh in the minds of the people who attended but also makes those who missed it wish they hadn’t!

So here are our top 6 steps to make your event live forever…

1. Create context

By using photographs of the surroundings you can set the scene and go some way to conveying the atmosphere of the event. If it is a posh dinner event, a picture of the smartly dress waiting staff would be a great way to create the atmosphere in the viewer’s mind. Or the scene before your guests have arrived can also set the scene in the viewer’s mind as we have done here in at the Graduate Engineering and Science Show 2014.

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1.	Create context image

Equally, at a showcasing event or trade show it might be useful to show images of people queuing to get in to show how popular the event was. An aerial shot from above would demonstrate the size and scale of the trade show event as well as the variety of stands and products on show.

2. Take photos in a time line

This is the best way to remind attendees of the whole event. There will have been particular highlights which will stand out in people’s minds but by taking shots of the entrance and welcome area, followed by the next thing people saw and so on, it will remind people of the whole event – even the parts they may have forgotten.

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2.	Take photos in a time line image

A timeline of images, especially if they are presented in a slideshow, can also show non-attendees what they missed which is particularly useful if it is a reoccurring event that you will be promoting again in the future. These photographs can be used to create a full experience of the event to attract people or businesses to the next one.

3. Not just people

Whilst it is true that people engage with other people, it is also true that your event is more than that. Try to take photographs of any products on show at your event, or, if it is an awards ceremony or dinner, have some shots of the table decorations and stage area before the ceremony starts.

This will add value to the event and remind people of the benefits they got from your event. Equally, if you are showcasing a product at your event, you could use these images in future.

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3.	Not just people image

4. Use natural and posed shots

A mixture of natural shots of people as they go about their business combined with posed shots can give a sense of fly-on-the wall images and promotional shots. If you find people who are happy to have their picture taken, take advantage of it and ask them to interact with each other. The more personality your pictures have the better.

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4.	Use natural and posed shots image

Equally, showing natural shots of people casually engaging with one another can effectively convey how engaged your guest were with your event. It can be really effective if you can get some shots of people interacting with each other over a product or service. Avoid pictures of people who look bored or disinterested, this is not the feeling you want people to associate with your event!

5. Use crowd shots

Crowd shots are great for showing the size and popularity of your event. Especially if people are animatedly talking to each other and discussing what they think about a particular subject or product.

There are often some interesting colours and sights which come out of crowd shots, especially if there is clever use of focus. These types of shots can really draw the eye of viewers making your shots interesting and far more shareable.

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5.	Use crowd shots image

6. Show people what they were missing

Anything new, innovative, interesting or enticing should be captured in your event photography. This will appeal to your target audience and increase the chances of your photographs, and therefore your event, will live forever.

7. Post them on social media

Social media is the key to an event living forever! Having completed steps 1-6, it is essential you share your pictures with as many people as possible, but especially those who attended. You will have inevitably used social media to promote the event itself and will be using it to interact with at least some, if not all, of your attendees so, it is only logical that the event photography is posted on social media too!

But it is more than that. Social media is where content is shared (which is why marketers love it so much) and particularly photo or video content. By tagging and posting your event photography on all of the relevant social media channels, you are not only ensuring your event lives forever, but that many more people than actually attended see your event!

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